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  • IP Fiesta & GFIP 2015

    16 Jul 2015

    SBACC is pleased to draw your attention to IP Week 2015 and the 5th Global Forum on IP (GFIP), 2 events brought to you by the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS). Over the years, the IP Week has drawn an increasing number of local and regional delegates from the IP and business communities with over 1000 participants at last year’s…

  • Bundled PMC and PMC-HR Certification Promotion

    4 Jun 2015

    SBACC is pleased to announce Human Resources Management Domain Area Specialisation in line with the industry needs.  As part of an introductory offer, SBACC is offering bundled price packages which include PMC certification programme together with Human Resources Management Domain Area Specialisation certification programme. Applicants can ex…

  • SBACC congratulates our newly certified 17 APMCs and PMCs

    4 Jun 2015

    SBACC congratulates our newly Certified 17 APMCs and PMCs (March to May 2015). They are: Mr Fong Tat Choy, APMC Mr Koh Boon Hock, APMC Mr Michael Matthew Lee (Lee Thiam Chye), APMC Mr Ong Kheng Lee, APMC Mr Tan Ying Kiat, APMC Mr Arun Kumar Akula Raghunatha Rao, PMC Mr Chan Kwang Peng, PMC Ms Florence Tan Suk Phern, PMC Mr Giam Wai Ming…

  • Remain nimble to seize opportunities

    24 Mar 2015

    “As the world changes, small countries have to swiftly adjust their policies and positions in a pragmatic and clinical manner………We must remain nimble to seize opportunities that come with changing circumstances, or to get out of harm’s way.” Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Minister Mentor S Rajaratnam Lecture, 09 April 2009 Mr Lee’s advice to small count…